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Spoilee App Eid 2016 Update

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Happy Eid,

Hey gorgeous, here is a new update with cool features and improvements,

1st: Because we always look to get you more options and services, we have made it easy for you to know about the new partners joining Spoilee.

2nd: I don’t blame you if you can’t go to a place that has no rating, because I wouldn’t risk being bald or having funny done nails. Now you can check the ratings for each salon and beauty professional to make the right choice.

3rd: Because we have massive number of calls from our partners to have specific promotions for Spoilee users, we have enabled them to have their own direct profile links. This is so cool for us at Spoilee too, so our marketing ninja can do magic and help our users get the best of our partners offers and services.
4th and last for today: We were so embarrassed that we didn’t have this from the beginning, but now it is there, you go and share Spoilee over social media, SMS, or even whatsapp directly from your profile. Spoil your friends too, and share the app with them, they will like it , trust us.


Download the App and let us know how it works for you

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