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Spoilee Beauty and Health App Update

Hey Gorgeous, Miss us?

I know it has been a while now, since we last updated our app. There are reasons behind it of course, we wouldn’t stop improving the experience for you unless there is something big to present. There were many options and ideas that we loved them all, and would have been fun to have, but we had to prioritize. Therefore, it took us sometime to test things and understand what is the most important thing to you right now.

Beauty and health beauty booking app
Spoilee beauty and health booking app

For that we have returned the email back to the signup page, and we understand how important is that for you to have things documented by email as well. We also have created a filter to distinguish between individual beauty service providers and salons, as this was bit confusing for us and many of our gorgeous family members (like you).


Now it is easy to discuss the appointment with the professional before they confirm the service booking, as this will make it more assuring to talk to people before you transact with them.

We had a returning location accuracy bug that has made things look weird in some cases where some clients were directed to the Atlantic instead of Rawdah neighborhood, (this is so embarrassing walla), but thanks to you for your prompt feedback it was really spot on.


This is a slicker looking experience now, please upgrade and let us know your honest feedback. Send me a line on what do you think to my email. info@spoilee.com and thanks for your time.


Go ahead and have some spoiling time, #Get_Spoiled

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